• 8 ' to 18' standing height
  • Price include Pole + Banner Flag custom printing
  • Sturdy aluminum / glass fiber pole
  • FREE upgrade to Full Color photo print (so there is no restriction on the graphic or photo picture)
  • As the whole piece including the background color is printed out.  So there is no limitation of the available fabric color.  In fact, any background color, gradient or even photo picture could be printed.
  • Most advanced Dye-Sublimation printing that use heat transfer technology to permanently lock and fuse the ink particle with the fabric.  This makes the vivid color could be kept for a longer life time than other cheaper general screen printing
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
7'110$ 127.00
9' small110$ 137.00
12' Medium110$ 147.00
14' Large110$ 174.00
15' X Large110$ 197.00

Price Calculator

The hardware is the spine and the legs of the feather flag. It is not included.

Total :$ 127.00
Estimated Total :$ 127.00