Go above and beyond with In The Mix's specialy Krazy X Kards.
Choose from a variety of options to perfect your business card!

Krazy Kards Silk Cards 32pt

32pt layered silk business cards are now available! We combine two silk cards creating a top and bottom layer that can be die cut making a 3D card! Clever use of design can take these layers and turn them into art, ensuring your design stands out.

Krazy Kards 48X

48pt layered silk business cards are now available!
Krazy Kards consists of three layers making them extremely thick and durable!
This card can be Die Cut, Embossed, and Debossed to create a card that looks and feels like it's coming off the surface.

Metal Business Card Premium

Metal Business Cards

Our metal business cards are arguably the most eye-catching in our vast line of card stocks. These cards are made of high-quality metal and can be customized with our many options; if you want a laser-cut metal business card, you’re in luck.  


If you are into BOLD and MEMORABLE, these metal engraved business cards are the way to go. People don't remember any plain business card, but they will remember an experience. So if you only have one chance to make a first impression, make it the best one possible with a custom metal business card. 

The pricing includes one free Laser Cut and Laser Engraving! Two Sides of PMS Ink is Included!

***Printed Colors may vary due to the Metal Stock not being white.

Cold Foil Cards 28X

28pt layered Cold Foil business cards are now available!
Cold Foil silk cards have a metallic finish on the stock that creates chrome effects with any ink that is printed on it.

Cotton Cards 48X

Cotton Cards are able to create effects no other cards can! Debossing on Cotton exemplifies handcrafted and luxurious works of art. From minimalistic to extravagant, Cotton Cards are something that few have and all desire!

Suede business Cards 22X

22pt luxurious suede business cards are now available! Suede Cards are one of a kind, sleek, and elegant. These cards are made from the smoothest suede-like stock. 

32PT Uncoated Painted EDGE Business Cards

Give customers an edge over the competition with Solid PAINTED EDGE business cards! This card is a sturdy, ultra thick, 32pt with plenty of room on the edge for featuring color accents. Choose from a selection of eye-catching, vivid colors, or classic white. Create an unmistakably bold and solid statement.

Custom Printed RFID Plastic Cards

Custom pirnted Digital RFID Event/ID Badge / Hotel Key/Entry Card

Plastic Cards

Whether you’re passing out your contact info or creating something for VIPs, our plastic business cards grab people’s attention. The unique texture and shine make them stand out from traditional paper cards. And the flexible, but strong PVC business cards last a lot longer, too.

Printed plastic gift Cards HiCo Magnetic Stripe rfid chip

Custom Printed Premium plastic gift Cards with 1/2" HiCo Magnetic Stripe - CR80 30Mil Blank PVC Plastic with optional RFID Chip
Custom gift cards are not just for major retailers. Personalized gift cards can be created for any type of business, big or small.

16PT Raised Spot UV Suede Business Cards

16PT Suede Business Cards or  Hang Tags with Raised Spot UV

Raised Spot UV

For the best result, do not submit artwork with over 30% spot UV coverage

Give customers the ideal way to gloss things up with eye-catching spot UV effects! Our Suede Raised Spot UV Cards feature smooth glossy raised areas that contrast beautifully with the Suede/Soft Touch Laminate foundation of the cards. This product will make you the envy of all your competitors, and your customers will be thrilled with all of the compliments they receive on their classy new cards. Suede Raised Spot UV Cards are real game changers for folks who want to exude style, elegance, and class.

For details on how to set up and design your files, visit our FAQ page.

16PT Suede Business Cards with Raised Foil

Suede with Raised Foil Add a flash of brilliance to suede cards that you can see and feel. The combination of raised foil contrasted with the velvety smooth suede foundation creates a tactile experience that customers can see and feel. Metallic embossment effects can enhance amazing detail in images, special accents, and logos. The Suede Cards are printed on 16pt card stock, laminated on both sides with 1.5mil scuff resistant, soft velvet laminate, which give them a substantial thickness of 19pt.
Holographic: Holographic Raised Foil brings a multicolor, 3-D (three-dimensional) effect to your printed product. For details on how to setup and design your files, visit