We design and create professional backstage passes with VIP credentials for any kinds of sporting events, concerts or shows. Custom VIP passes and custom backstage passes can either be single-sided or double-sided with a choice of stock. These custom event passes are secure, durable and affordable too, with a no fraud option. If you are looking at rewarding your customers with a VIP pass or a backstage pass, you can look at the options available with ITMP. VIP passes printing services are done with the addition of special features to give it a unique look that cannot be replicated and thus fraud avoided.

Custom printed backstage passes can be combined with custom printed or blank lanyard VIP passes. Custom printed lanyards are useful to promote your business. 

3" x 4"5$ 27.00
10$ 34.65
25$ 69.30
50$ 103.95
100$ 207.90
250$ 311.85
500$ 623.70
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